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2012 Client Wealth Conference

Accountancy 4 Growth are showcasing a variety of ways that our clients can increase their profits, save tax and protect their assets.

On 11th December we are hosting our inaugral client wealth conference, free to all clients of Accountancy 4 Growth + 1 guest.

As well as opportunities to network with other local business owners clients are going to discover:

  1. Tips to increase profits
  2. Techniques to minimise taxes
  3. Low risk investment returns of 12%+
  4. Turn red tape into earning opportunities
  5. Recover overcharges by banks
  6. Protect assets
  7. How working with Accountancy 4 Growth can benefit charities

If this event is of interest to you please call us on 0871 222 1920 to find out how you too could attend this fantastic event.

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