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2012 Client Wealth Conference

Accountancy 4 Growth are showcasing a variety of ways that our clients can increase their profits, save tax and protect their assets. On 11th December we are hosting our inaugral client wealth conference, free to all clients of Accountancy 4 Growth + 1 guest. As well as opportunities to network with other local business owners clients are going to discover: […]

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How did we do?

Over the last 12 months here at Accountancy 4 Growth we have been conducting our very own performance evaluation with the assistance of our valued clients. The result? An amazing 90% success rate!!!!!!!! We asked of our clients 6 simple questions:- Were your accounts presented in a way which you understood? Was the information presented […]

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Health & Safety Gone Mad.

Health and Safety has been central somewhat in the creation of ‘Nanny-State Britain’ of recent years. Now we see them moving from an ‘advisory’ role to a fee generating basis, due to recent legislation it has become the law to have regular health and safety checks which of course cost a premium, these costs are […]

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Olympics is over so what now?

Since I last blogged, the Olympics has been and gone and has faded into a distant memory no one could have anticipated how successful the Team GB Olympians would be. The 2012 London Games will long be remembered as probably our most successful ever Olympics, the only other time we won as many medals was […]

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Olympic fever

We thought we would take a break from topics of which evolve round Accountancy and other financial aspects as we at Accountancy 4 Growth like many others across the nation and the globe have been caught by ‘Olympic Fever’. London 2012 is not off to a very good start, the mass amount of negative press […]

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A couple of tips to avoid a fine in May.

The end of year P35 and P14 forms are due for submission online by 19th May. It is worth noting that in previous years the fine for a late submission didn’t apply until 26th May – this is no longer the case, so make sure you submit on time. If you need any assistance, please […]

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Anyone who reads, listens to or watches the news is rarely shocked by the budget, and this years was no different as most of the things in the chancellors speech had either already been announced or had been leaked. Here are a few things of note. An extra 1% reduction on corporation tax over and […]

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Cherish the clients we have…

As well as chasing new business to help grow our businesses, it’s important to keep hold of the customer we already have. After all, we have already done the hard work in winning their business. Fantastic customer service usually leads to far greater levels of sales and profits. Here are some statistics to ponder. Research […]

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3 Tips for successful letter writing

1. Say what you’d say in person. Have you noticed the difference between the letters you receive and the emails you receive? Strangely, emails aren’t couched in the same archaic language that many letters still have. They are more “now”. That’s how your letters should be! Can you imagine going up to a friend in […]

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Two Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

One of the biggest marketing mistakes… Many have heard the famous quote from American department store magnate John Wanamaker “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” At half, he was probably being over optimistic, based on the numbers we get from clients when they really […]

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