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3 Tips for successful letter writing

1. Say what you’d say in person.
Have you noticed the difference between the letters you receive and the emails you receive? Strangely, emails aren’t couched in the same archaic language that many letters still have. They are more “now”. That’s how your letters should be!
Can you imagine going up to a friend in the street and saying “Dear Jim, with reference to your correspondence of the fifth April…”? It just wouldn’t happen.
Better to say “Hi Jim, thanks for the letter you sent on the fifth. I like the sound of your ideas…”

2. There’s power in the PS
The P.S in a letter is often read first by people. So don’t waste it.
Use the P.S to tell your prospect something valuable, to emphasise a key point in your letter or to ask for them to act in a particular way (for example, “Call us before April 30 to receive your special bonus …)

3. How to begin your letter so it doesn’t end up in the bin?
If you can get your prospect to read the first 50 words of your letter … they tend to read the next 500!
This tells us that the way to keep your letter out of the bin (at least until it’s been read) is to get your prospect’s attention and build their interest in the beginning of your letter.
Be different. Be interesting. Be provocative.

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