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Cherish the clients we have…

As well as chasing new business to help grow our businesses, it’s important to keep hold of the customer we already have. After all, we have already done the hard work in winning their business.

Fantastic customer service usually leads to far greater levels of sales and profits. Here are some statistics to ponder.

Research into why customers stopped buying shows that…
3% stopped because of inconvenience
9% stopped because of a relationship at a high level with someone in a competing company – they were “seduced” away
15% stopped because the price was too high or the delivery time wasn’t fast enough, or the product wasn’t right
5% stopped because of some other “miscellaneous” reason…
…which leaves 67%. The scariest of the statistics and possibly the most surprising, they stopped because of Perceived Indifference – they didn’t think the supplier cared whether they came back or not.

This has to be the easiest to rectify. We need to ask ourselves if 67% of our lost customers are leaving for this reason and take steps to avoid it.

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