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Christmas Blog

The name of the blog says it all: you either have very Little time to finish or in some cases start your Christmas shopping. Also for those of you who havent filed your Tax Return yet, you have less then 6 weeks to get it done. If you want us to file your Tax Return on your behalf you need to bring us your records as son as posible. Filing your Tax return may not be the most important thing on your mind this festive season however the earlier it gets done the longer our team of experts have to see if its posible for you to make savings through our various tax planning options.


I am devestated that I cant write anything positive here about the cricket, I personally thought we would be winning the series by now, but we have been totally blown away by Mitchell Johnston! I am sure we will get them back very soon. Congratulations to Andy Murrary on his SPOTY win you would have thought he would have collected the award personally- I felt abit cheated by the fact he didnt turn up…


Finally we at Accountancy 4 Growth LTD would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would like to give you an early Christmas present, so we want to offer you the chance to sabe money on your domestic Gas and Electricity bills. We have registered ourselves as an agent for First Utility and in the process aim to put more money back into our clients pockets rather tan you having to pay the huge fees that the likes of British Gas and Npower ask for.


So if you have 5 minutes see if you can sabe yourself a few hundred pounds through our partnership with First Utility. Both of our company Directors have saved themselves money through converting and so could you, I have put a walk through below to make things even easier. We hope that you can save money:


1) Follow the link above

2) Enter the following reference number; 8870257326 and confirm the Terms and conditions.

3) On next Page enter your post code and press “get quote”.

4) on this page using your old bills fill in the online form such as how much you paid last month/year/quarter and who the provider is, and if your on energy 7 or not. then again press “get quote”

5) After this the website should calculate how much you can save (if you can) by switching to various tarrifs, if there is one you like follow it through, and select quote and you can begin converting. The conversión process is very quickly all you need is a debit card to set up the payment process and you will be asked for a meter reading about 3 or 4 weeks after.


Hopefully through Accountancy 4 Growth we can save you money, we are always looking to make our clients richer through their envolvement with us. Wishing you an enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Andy Team A4G

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