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Health & Safety Gone Mad.

Health and Safety has been central somewhat in the creation
of ‘Nanny-State Britain’ of recent years. Now we see them moving from an ‘advisory’
role to a fee generating basis, due to recent legislation it has become the law
to have regular health and safety checks which of course cost a premium, these
costs are said to increase further.

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) have proposed a new Tariff
of which if an inspector finds a material breach they would retrospectively charge
from the start of the visit and then for the time spent giving verbal advice,
confirmation letters detailing the failing or improvement notices, plus
follow-up visits and phones to ensure the duty holder has rectified the fault. The
executive estimates that these services will typically total £750 for a breach that
necessitates sending a letter and £1500 for a serving notice. We encourage you
to make sure you follow Health & Safety regulations so you don’t have to
pay these aberrant sums of money.

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