A state permitting clear perception and understanding; the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image.

How did we do?

Over the last 12 months here at Accountancy 4 Growth we have been conducting our very own performance evaluation with the assistance of our valued clients.

The result?

An amazing 90% success rate!!!!!!!!

We asked of our clients 6 simple questions:-

  1. Were your accounts presented in a way which you understood?
  2. Was the information presented with your accounts beneficial to you?
  3. Were your accounts completed in an appropriate timescale?
  4. Did you receive sufficient contact?
  5. What was your overall experience?
  6. Is Accountancy 4 Growth value of money?

Out of a possible score of 5 for each question we scored an incredible 4.5

What next?

We keep to our ‘Grow Keep Make Live’ ethos and continue to work with clients, providing them with much need support in these troubled times. We are always looking for best practice to impart to clients and support their businesses by cross selling through our database. It’s a practice well received.

And we would like to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in Accountancy 4 Growth services. Through our associataion with B1G1 we have been able to donate medical support to 71 people in Indonesia.

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