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Olympics is over so what now?

Since I last blogged, the Olympics has been and gone and has
faded into a distant memory no one could have anticipated how successful the
Team GB Olympians would be. The 2012 London Games will long be remembered as
probably our most successful ever Olympics, the only other time we won as many
medals was in 1908 when a fraction of today’s competing nations took part.
Having been glued to the television for the last few weeks and seeing us get
medal after medal Gold after to Gold to finish third in the medal table has
filled me with an enormous sense of pride and patriotism, and I believe this
exists throughout the country where even a few weeks on there still seems to be
a buzz.

So what now? The Olympics is over, but for many the football
season has begun. The Championship is widely seen as the most competitive it
has been for over a decade with around 16 clubs with the aim of getting
promoted to the land of milk and MONEY. Whilst the premier league has started
and has already seen goals galore, and has seen Liverpool Thrashed by West
Bromwich Albion and Everton recording an unexpected victory against Manchester
United last night. Advantage Manchester City, 37 games to go. For those of you
who football is a monotonous task, The Aviva Rugby Premiership starts on
September 1st can Harlequins retain their title? Or perhaps even the
Cycling World Cup from Glasgow? Can Bradley Wiggins make it a hatrick of titles
by winning the UCI Road World Championships in Holland in mid-September and
further make the sports personality of the year contest a foregone conclusion?

Sports aside, we at Accountancy 4 Growth Ltd aim to try and
increase your wealth through our time of association with you through our
accounting services and business advice. Although we can’t give away all of our
secrets, here is a few;

If a potential customer says they do not have
the time now, it is not necessarily always an attempt to fob you off sometimes
it is a genuine reason. By generally avoiding clichéd chit-chat and only
discussing the necessary details could result in a sale.

Also by going out to see a customer rather than
them having to come to you could also save them time.

By inviting the customer to a different location
( A coffee shop, a bar etc.) instead of the head office and suggesting an
alternative time such as within their lunch break or after 6pm you are able to
take the customer away from their daily concerns. Alternatively a breakfast
meeting could do the trick.


We are known for our innovative ways of helping businesses
grow and in the past have held free seminars for our clients. If you are
interested in a free consultation and quote please get in touch with us, as
even if you don’t engage in our services you help us donate to a just cause. As
for every time Accountancy 4 Growth provide a quotation we through our Partners
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