A state permitting clear perception and understanding; the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image.

Step back and look at your business from a distance…

Think creatively about how you can better use your time and your business assets. Consider the following example taken from the book Small Business Big Difference (2003).

A haulage business owner had been serving the industrial sector for years. He ran his business from his farming premises on which he also farmed livestock. Neither brave a particularly good rate of return on the value of the assets employed and both sectors were going through difficult times. He was so busy running the two businesses that he did not have time to consider what he was actually trying to achieve in the business.

With promoting, he stood back from the day to day management and looked at his business from the outside in. By doing this, he realised that there was no rule than said he had to farm farming land. There was no reason that he had to leave his cash invested in expensive vehicles.

He considered the different things that could be done with the land, which required far less effort and gave greater rewards. Soon the farmer was running large car boot sales. His outbuildings were converted into industrial units with the profits. He now has free time to think of further uses for the land, which include stabling, pony trekking and caravanning. Jis land now provides a much better rate of return and his workload is a fraction of what it was.

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