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The power of B1G1

Accountancy 4 Growth are active members of B1G1 as you may be aware. We recently received the following email which we would like to share with our clients to show the power of lots of small amounts of giving…


Hello Ian ,

Because of you and your fellow B1G1 Business Members, this is what we did together up to the end of 2011:

  • 122,673 people received a nourishing meal
  • 5,828,164 days of access to life-saving water was given to people around the world
  • 191,436 days of accommodation was given to people affected by natural disasters or extreme poverty
  • 16,655 children received an improved learning environment for a year
  • 467,767 days of education support was given to children in need
  • 11,396 children received computer education for a day
  • 69,360 children in need received learning tools like text books and stationery
  • 170,204 days of education and occupational training was given to disadvantaged people
  • 3,967 children in need received a special gift
  • 4,549 children received a special education program
  • 7,839 days of support was given to social entrepreneurs
  • 2,844 goats and other animals were given to families so that they can have income
  • 550,121 days worth of support was given to farmers around the world
  • 39,900 people received internet or phone connection for a day
  • 344398 days of support was given to improve people’s health and well-being
  • 182,843 square meters of rainforest was protected
  • 14,936 trees got planted or adopted
  • and more!

Amazing isn’t it? Being able to make a difference just by doing what we normally do in business is such a simple yet powerful idea. And it clearly makes a huge difference.

We can only do that thanks to you.

We’re enormously privileged to be able to do what we do. And we’re truly grateful as we look forward to impacting at even higher levels in 2012 as word continues to spread.

Again, thank you.

With very best wishes for an amazing New Year ahead.

Paul Dunn
Chairman, Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1)


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